Public Mass

The Chuch is open again for Public Masses

Morning Masses: Monday to Friday 7:30am and 10:00am, Saturday morning: 10am
Sunday Masses:  Saturday - 6pm:  Sunday- 8:30am, 10:30am, 12:30pm and 5:30pm
( Please note the change in times for Sunday morning masses ) 

Your financial support of the parish is always gratefully appreciated but especially at this time. We invite you to contribute to the running costs of the parish by completing a standing order form. Standing order forms are available at the Church Doors. You may also contribute via the ‘DONATE’ Button on the website.

The Parish Office is Open to the Public Monday to Friday 9:30am to 1pm

Church Reopens 29th June
Weekday Masses - 7:30am and 10am Mon – Fri, 
Saturday 10am and Vigil 6pm,
Sunday Masses – 9am, 10:30am, 12noon and 5:30pm
There will be a limit of 100 people at each Mass per public health advice 100
50 main part of Church & 25 each side with own entrance/exit

Parish Office is open (service at office Window, basement level behind new building)
Mon - Fri 9:30am to 1pm.
For Bookings and Certificates please email secretary@donnybrookparish.ie

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Saint Of The Day

04 December 2020

  • St. John of Damascus: Saint of the Day for Friday, December 04, 2020
    Saint John Damascene has the double honor of being the last but one of the fathers of the Eastern Church, and the greatest of her poets. It is surprising, however, how little that is authentic is known of his life. The account of him by John of Jerusalem, written some two hundred years after his death, contains an admixture of legendary matter, and it is not easy to say where truth ends and fiction begins. The ancestors of John, according to his biographer, when Damascus fell into the...