Advent Scripture Course – “A Child is Born for Us”

Advent Scripture Course – “A Child is Born for Us”

Tarsus Scripture School Advent Scripture Course

The course includes six presentations (two from each speaker) that you can watch in your own time with opportunity to engage /ask questions directly by email plus a Discussion Online Webinar on Wed  08 Dec with all 3 speakers plus an Online Meditation event on Wed 15 Dec 7:30pm

Our six video presentations – below will be available online from Monday 22 November 2021

 “Restorer of Life and nourisher of old age”
Ruth 4: 15 – (Access to two videos)
Jessie Rogers

“This happened to fulfil the Scriptures”
Matthew 1-2 (Access to two videos)
Sean Goan

“Let us go now to Bethlehem”
Luke 1-2 (Access to two videos)

Kieran J. O’Mahony OSA

Online Webinar date
Webinar: 8 December 7.30 pm

Online Meditation date
Meditation: 15 December 7.30 pm

Cost €20
(Per household for online access to all six video presentations, one online Webinar on 8 Dec at 7:30pm and one online Meditation on 15 Dec at 7:30pm)

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