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Messiah An Easter performance smallTo celebratethe 50th Anniversary of the School of Philosophy & Economic Science, the ‘Kirtanham Choir’ of the School of Philosophy in Ireland present Handel's Masterpiece, the MESSIAH at its original birthday: EASTER!

Date: Sat 24th Match at 19:30 in Church of the Sacred Heart
Tickets are on sale now online see for details.

lent reflectionThe  primary place  of  encounter with  God  for most  adults,  and children,  is  family  life.    For Christians, the  family is  the  first experience  of  Church; “It  is  within  the  family,  the  domestic church, that  we  first  live our  Christianity that  we  identify what  Christian  life consists  in,  that  we  learn  beliefs  and values,  and grow in  prayer”

Pope  Francis  advice  to families

Give a  kind  look.

Never  underestimate the  value  of  a  gaze of  love.

“Anyone who  is  “In  Christ”  is a new  creation. It  is all  God’s work”
 (5  Cor:  V17)

Pope Francis Peace to all people and to all nations on earth! Peace, which the angels proclaimed to the shepherds on Christmas night, is a profound aspiration for everyone, for each individual and all peoples, and especially for those who most keenly suffer its absence. Among these whom I constantly keep in my thoughts and prayers, I would once again mention the over 250 million migrants worldwide, of whom 22.5 million are refugees. Pope Benedict XVI, my beloved predecessor, spoke of them as “men and women, children, young and elderly people, who are searching for somewhere to live in peace.” In order to find that peace, they are willing to risk their lives on a journey that is often long and perilous, to endure hardships and suffering, and to encounter fences and walls built to keep them far from their goal.

In a spirit of compassion, let us embrace all those fleeing from war and hunger, or forced by discrimination, persecution, poverty and environmental degradation to leave their homelands.