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Speaking and Homily notes of  Most Rev. Diarmuid Martin, Archbishop of Dublin


Late last year I led a delegation of Irish Catholic Bishops to Brussels to meet with representatives of the European Commission and the European Parliament.  It was a wonderful occasion for us to reflect on what Europe means but also to experience the hospitality which the citizens of Brussels day after day offer to men and women of all faiths, cultures and political persuasions who come to their city seeking to work for a better Europe.

Yes, Brussels like any large modern cosmopolitan city has its own tensions and inequalities.   But Brussels has also taken on this special role of welcome and encounter and its citizens, drawing from their own European heritage, have reshaped and transformed their culture into a modern culture of welcome.

being churchOver the Summer the Migrant Crises in Africa flowing over into Europe has been one of the big stories. Tens of thousands of people, fleeing terror, war and destitution, seeking at great risk a life for themselves and theirfamilies, have been washing up on the shores of Europe. Thousands have died in the attempt. We can take some pride in the work of the men and women of our Naval Service in rescuing those in danger of drowning. We can also take pride in the wise, authoritative voice of our Parishioner, Mr. Peter Sutherland. 
Migration and Refugees are a part of the story of human kind on this earth. Refugees and migrants are seeking a place where they can live a human life in peace and dignity. Parish is about people and place. Migrants and Refugees are seeking a place and a people among whom they can live a human life. 

LivingtheJoyoftheGospelLiving the Joy of the Gospel, is a Diocesan initiative, aims to support and sustain the three pillars of Catholic Parish life, the Church and gathering places, lay involvement in evangelisation, ministry and faith development and ongoing support for priests in active ministry.

Today we launch our parish plans under the Living the Joy of the Gospel initiative. There are four elements to our plans for Living the Joy of the Gospel in Donnybrook, the parish centre, car parking, the Church and contributing to a fund for the provision of a parish pastoral worker. We now need to raise €2.5M. Donnybrook will be using the funds we raise exclusively for this purpose. We also need to continue our support for the day to day running expenses of the parish.