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InOurHandsThe Parish Gathering prayed and then considered two questions, (a) ‘What do you want to celebrate about your parish/ what are we doing well?’ (b) ‘What can we do better/ what else can we do?’ The Parish Pastoral Council are processing your responses to the questions under five core areas of parish pastoral life, Community, Care, Prayer, Formation and Celebration.

The story in the Gospel according to Mark (Chp. 10, vv 46 -52) provides a context and a strategy for action. The Gospel is a story of encounter with Jesus. The purpose of the Church, and the Church in Donnybrook which is our parish, is to enable people to encounter Jesus Christ and to follow him as their personal Lord and Saviour. A culturally Catholic upbringing is not sufficient anymore. Only those who are passionate disciples of Jesus can initiate that desire in others.

Discipleship begins, as it began for Bartimaeus, with our need, our own darkness and our own cry for help. In the world there is a darkness that we all feel in our hearts, an absence of vision, purpose and hope, evident both in individuals and society. This emptiness manifests itself in narcissism, consumerism, drug taking, suicide and, at a social level, individualism, loneliness, populism and a nasty media, the social media in particular.

mission sundayTogether with young people, let us bring the Gospel to all

Dear young people, I would like to reflect with you on the mission that we have received from Christ. In speaking to you, I also address all Christians who live out in the Church the adventure of their life as children of God. What leads me to speak to everyone through this conversation with you is the certainty that the Christian faith remains ever young when it is open to the mission that Christ entrusts to us. “Mission revitalizes faith” (Redemptoris Missio, 2), in the words of Saint John Paul II, a Pope who showed such great love and concern for young people.

The Synod to be held in Rome this coming October, the month of the missions, offers us an opportunity to understand more fully, in the light of faith, what the Lord Jesus wants to say to you young people, and, through you, to all Christian communities.

world family meeting 2018During Pope Francis visit to Ireland on the occasion of the Catholic Church’s 9th World Meeting of Families (WMOF) which took place in Dublin, August 21-26 he gave us 3 words "Sorry", "Please", "Thank You"

"Our families we need to learn three words. They are “sorry”, “please” and “thank you”.  When you quarrel at home, be sure that before going to bed you apologize and say you are sorry. Before the day is done, make peace. Do you want to know why it is necessary to make peace before ending the day? Because if you don’t make peace, the next day you have a “cold war” and that is very dangerous! Watch out for cold wars in the family! Maybe you get mad sometimes and are tempted to sleep in another room, all by yourself. If you feel that way, just knock on the door and say: “Please, can I come in?” All it takes is a look, a kiss, a soft word… and everything is back to the way it was! I say this because when families do this, they survive. There is no such thing as a perfect family; without the practice of forgiveness, families can grow sick and gradually collapse.

To “forgive” means to “give” something of yourself. Jesus always forgives us. By the power of his forgiveness, we too can forgive others, if we really want to. Isn’t that what we pray for, when we say the Our Father? Children learn to forgive when they see their parents forgiving one another. If we understand this, we can appreciate the grandeur of Jesus’ teaching about fidelity in marriage. Far from a cold legal obligation, it is above all a powerful promise of God’s own fidelity to his word and his unfailing grace. Christ died for us so that we, in turn, might forgive and be reconciled with one another. In this way, as individuals and as families, we can know the truth of Saint Paul’s words that, when all else passes away, “love never ends”” (1 Cor 13:8)."