Building Hope Parish Gathering – 31 May 22

Building Hope Parish Gathering – 31 May 22

Following the publication of the report of the Diocesan Building Hope Task Force last year,  the Building Hope initiative now invites all parishioners to a period of reflection and dialogue about the future and renewal of the Parish. We are now embarking on a crucial process for the Parish and for all parishes in the Archdiocese of Dublin.

Building Hope

Led by the Parish Pastoral Council, there will be a Gathering, (similar in style to the Synodal Pathway gatherings back in March) on 31 May from 7.30pm – 9.15pm in the Parish Pastoral Centre.  We are asked to consider our Parish Profile information sheet (copies available in the church available online), to reflect on what is working well in the Parish and what needs improvement and, finally, we are asked to consider partnerships with neighbouring parishes. 

There is no doubt that, due to the rapidly decreasing number of priests in the Diocese, radical changes in the structure of parishes are imminent and so there is some urgency about engaging in this process at this time.   The Building Hope initiative invites all parishioners to participate in determining the renewal and the continued strong presence of this Parish Community into the future. 

In the words of Archbishop Farrell, “Now is the time to look to the future, to discern and make decisions together as to how we in the Archdiocese of Dublin can shape our future in the light of the Gospel.”  It is not a time for worry or concern.  It is a time for opportunity and, most of all, a time for hope.  Each one of us has the breath and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, given to us at Baptism.  The Holy Spirit will lead us together to a new response to the pastoral situation in which we find ourselves. 

The Parish Pastoral Council urges each one of you to support this initiative and to have your say by coming to the Gathering on 31 May at 7.30pm in the Parish Pastoral Centre.

Further resources:

Our Parish Profile information sheet (also available in the church) is available online.

The Report of the Diocesan Building Hope Task Force is available from the Dublin Diocese Website.

Further information about the Building Hope Diocesan Process is available on the Dublin Diocese Website.