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Fr Martin Clarke died as he lived, proclaiming: “We are an Easter people and Alleluia is our song.” Photograph: Frank MillerFr. Martin Clarke who has died aged 66, was a priest of the Dublin diocese, an urbane pastor who helped rebuild confidence in the Catholic Church after a period of great turbulence. 

feast-of-all-saintsAt this time of year as we approach the end of October and become more and more aware of the shorter daytime and the darker evenings, we notice in the fall of the late autumn leaves the harbinger of winter and the death of the world of Nature.

Sacred Heart ChurchIn October 2004, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin asked each parish to set up a Parish Pastoral Council. The Pastoral Council of Sacred Heart Parish Donnybrook, established in 2006, provides an opportunity for parishioners to share in the task planning and coordinating pastoral action in the parish

The newly printed weekly maintenance envelopes will be ready for collection next weekend in the sacristy; they can also be collected from the office during the week.

When I first visited Fr. Julius Shibanda in September 2011 (click here for details), I could only remain in his parish of Kachibora for Three days. However this was sufficient to give me a “taste” for the area and with a promise of “I will be back".

Fr. Kevin DoranFr Martin Clarke PP with the Parish Team are delighted to welcome Fr Kevin Doran.

Pope Francis celebrated the Missa pro Ecclesiae in the Sistine Chapel on Thursday afternoon. read the Vatican Radio’s translation of the full text of his homily.

Honorary Doctorate from Bethlehem UniversityThe Parish wishes to extend its heartiest congratulations Professor John Kelly, the recent recipient of an Honorary Doctorate from Bethlehem University. News Feed