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school bags 2To mark the start of the school year we had a blessing of school bags at the family mass on Sunday 22nd September.  We asked for God’s blessing on all our schools, our students, our teachers and other staff members as they prepare to begin a new school year.

PASTORAL CARE OF THE SICKThis is a short introduction to the Pastoral Group that visits the elderly and the housebound in their homes, nursing homes and hospitals in the Donnybrook area and who take the Eucharist to them if they request it. The team perform this Ministry on behalf of the Parish of the Sacred Heart, Donnybrook.

hands sopThe School of Prayer will be held again this year, starting from September 2019 until May 2020 at the Avila Carmelite Centre, Bloomfield Avenue.
The School of Prayer is intended for those who realise the importance of prayer in their lives and are seeking a deeper relationship with God and support and encouragement in their search.

Sixth-year students at Muckross Park College on their last day of school alongside nuns from the Dominican conventSome 120 years after they established one of the best known girls’ schools in the capital, the last remaining Dominican nuns have left the Muckross Park campus in Dublin 4. For staff and past pupils, there has been sadness at the departure of the nuns and the closure of the convent building in Donnybrook. But there have also been glowing tributes to the legacy of “pioneers” and “trailblazers” who quietly pushed the boundaries of education for young women of the time.

Gospels of St Matthew Lecture Series smallBooterstown Pashish are holding an Autumn Lecture Series continues with a morning series on ‘The Gospel of St Matthew’. Commencing on Monday 30th September 11am – 12.30pm and run over 4 consecutive Mondays, finishing on 21st October.

Dublin Diocesan PilgrimageOn Sunday 25th August, here in this parish, you will be invited to become an associate member of the Dublin Diocesan Lourdes Pilgrimage. Anyone in the parish who is ill and wishes to travel with the sick on the Diocesan Pilgrimage or anyone who wishes to nominate someone who is sick, should contact the Parish Office.

Report on Parish Finances 2018We sincerely thank you all who have contributed so generously during the year to our parish funds. These funds are used exlcusively to cover day to day running costs of the parish and costs associated with the maintenance of our church and Parish Buildings.
The summary of the parish finances are for the year ended 31st December 2018 is available for download here.

TheLordsPrayerThe bishop of Rome has triggered a useful discussion of the Lord's Prayer. In particular, the translation of "do not lead us into temptation" has been contested. Perhaps this much might help. 

The feast of the Sacred HeartThe feast of the Sacred Heart is on Friday, 28 June. A Novena in preparation for the Feast is taking place at 9:30am in the Church each morning during the week which will conclude with Exposition and Benediction at 9:30am on Friday, 28 June.

EBW 2019Always Be Ready  Ecumenical Bible Week 2019 begins Monday June 10th  and runs until Sunday 6th June 2019 from 7.00am - 8.15am. The theme for this year is “Always Be Ready -  To give and answer…for the hope that you possess.” 1 Peter 3:15. News Feed