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appeal banner Xmas2017Please support SVP’s Annual Appeal.

The Society Of St Vincent De Paul Annual Christmas collection "Christmas is not the same for everyone" will replace the SHARE collection at all Masses over the weekend of 7th/8th December, is of 'critical importance' as the organisation is experiencing a huge increase in calls for assistance.

Today there are people in your community in crisis… No food in the cupboard. No heating in their home. No end in sight.

At St. Vincent de Paul, we are asked for help with these things every day.

Christmas is not the same for everyone

Even in an improving economy,  it can still take just one small problem to tip someone into crisis and poverty. But we know that a little help at the right time can change everything.

This Christmas, over 140,000 people in communities across the country will ask SVP for help with food, fuel and basic clothing.

But we cannot say yes without you.

Please support the SVP Annual Appeal today. Your help can last a lifetime.

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