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vc bannerViatores Christi offers an excellent training programme called Venture, delivered twice a year which aims to prepare prospective development workers, missionaries or volunteers for working and living in a developing country. The next training programme start on 22nd September 2018.

The programme is conducted over four intensive weekends between February and May and September and December each year. While providing a grounding in practical overseas development it will help participants to discern if a long term volunteer commitment is for them.  It is vitally important that development workers, missionaries or volunteers are well prepared; this helps ensure that they can remain committed to the challenges of living and working overseas.

The programme is delivered by facilitators who are experts in the sector.

“What I am very favourably impressed by is not only the specific training programme but the general atmosphere created by the VC staff and volunteers during the various occasions when I have been there; this atmosphere is probably even more important as a ‘training’ than the elements in the formal training programme.”  Donal Dorr –  Venture programme facilitator

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