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World Mental Health Day 10th October 201610 October marks World Mental Health Day around the world.  The theme is “Young people and mental health in a changing world.”

World Mental Health Day is a time to raise awareness of mental illness and to encourage us to mind our minds, and to look out for those around us.

We pray:

Lord, you know our needs, our hurts and our fears, even before we can form them into words of prayers.

Be patient with us.

Be protective of us.

Be present with us.

Give us the power to take the next step and ask for help if we need it. Give us your grace. In times of difficulty, your strength is revealed. May we receive it today.

We give thanks for this day, and everything that has brought us here.


We pray that those who ae struggling with a mental illness receive the strength to get through to one more day.

We pray that those who are going through a hard time have the courage to see how far they have come.

We pray that everyone gains the wisdom to know that they are good enough. They are more than good enough.

God please allow us to see that the sun is a daily reminder that we too can rise again from darkness, that we can shine our own light.

Remember to try and stay calm this day, to not allow stress to bother you and we all have a little of “ I want to save the world” in us. Remember it’s ok if you only save one person and that one person is you. Be kind to yourself.

Laura Wood
Secondary School Student News Feed