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Donnybrook Parish

Child Safeguarding:

The Pastoral Council team for Child Safeguarding has undergone some changes in April.

Under the Child Safeguarding programme two telephones are constantly monitored by a team of three volunteers, trained to take action in the event of any reported incident.

One of the volunteers, herself a member of the Council, Crona Sheehan had resigned for personal reasons. The Council thanked Crona for her support and welcomed Sr. Fiona Corway to the Child Safeguarding team. Sr. Fiona is a member of the Pastoral Council.

Census Report:

The council received a report at the April meeting from Council members and the Secretary of the Census Core Team, Tony McDonald on recent progress in the Parish Census.

The number of returned census forms had reached 800, the highest number in the parish history. There are a number of areas still to be visited and it is hoped that by the summer there should be 1,000 forms returned. Parishioners who have not sent in a form are requested to do so in May. Additional forms are available inside the main entrance to the church. News Feed