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Gluten Free Hosts

After some months research the Pastoral Council has procured a supply of Hosts which are completely gluten free. This enables coeliac parishioners of all ages to receive the Eucharist in the form of “Bread”. There is no wheat in these Hosts which are stored and will be served following strict procedures. Please Refer to Separate Notice.

If you know any Coeliacs please let them know.


Avila Meeting

The Pastoral Council is reviewing developments in the Parish since the Avila meeting and are planning for further actions in response to suggestions made on that occasion.


Child Protection Programme

The Council have worked with Fr. Harper to implement the Diocesan Directive on Child Safeguarding. This required all Parish workers to be vetted by the Gardaí. This work is now over 80% complete and will be finished in April or May.


Youth Development Programme.

The Council are pleased to announce the adoption of Audrey Keohane to the Pastoral Council team. This is regarded as a first step in involving younger parishioners in the life of the Parish.



As we prepare for Holy Week and Easter the Pastoral Council sends you our prayers and best wishes for the holy and happy celebration of the risen Christ.

Address any comments or queries to any member of the Council, chick here to see contact details or contact direct or via the Parish Secretary, 01 2693926 News Feed