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Sacred Heart ChurchIn October 2004, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin asked each parish to set up a Parish Pastoral Council. The Pastoral Council of Sacred Heart Parish Donnybrook, established in 2006, provides an opportunity for parishioners to share in the task planning and coordinating pastoral action in the parish so that

· people both young and old grow in the understanding of their Faith.
· appropriate preparation is made for the celebration of the liturgy and sacraments.
· newcomers are welcomed to the Parish.
· the parish engages in shared pastoral initiatives with neighbouring parishes
· justice and peace are promoted.
· provision is made for children and young adults to participate actively in the 
  life of the parish and drawn appropriately into ministry
· the sick and housebound are cared for
· the bereaved are supported

Among the achievements of the Donnybrook P.P.C. to date were consultations on Sunday Mass times and the organising of the parish meeting at the Avila centre which clarified the views of parishioners on a wide range of subjects. Working through a subcommittee, the P.P.C. led on the Parish census which has enabled parishioners to volunteer for service in a variety of ministries. The census is on-going.

Following recent discussions at the PPC, it has been agreed that the time has come to renew the mandate of the Council. For the sake of freshness, it has been agreed that four members of the Council will step down. Together with an existing vacancy, this gives us five places to fill. For the sake of continuity, some members of the current PPC will continue for a further year. Some members, such as the parish clergy, are ex officio.

A nominations process will be held in October / November 2013. The details of this process can be found on a brochure which is available in the Church this week. Nomination forms will be made available at all Masses on the weekend of 19th / 20th October. It is not meant to be a “political” process, but a prayerful discernment. We hope to have a high participation rate. News Feed