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Report on Parish Finances 2018

We sincerely thank you all who have contributed so generously during the year to our parish funds. These funds are used exlcusively to cover day to day running costs of the parish and costs associated with the maintenance of our church and Parish Buildings.

We attach a summary of the financial statement for the year ended 31th December 2018 and comparative figures for 2017. There was a surplus of €64,833 compared with €24,160 last year. Total income was €313,327 compared with €294,990 last year. The main sources of income were family offerings and tax rebates. Family offerings are made up of standing orders, Christmas and Easter Parish offerings and weekly envelopes. Tax rebates are refunds from revenue on your contributions to the Church.

• Expenses were €248,494 compared with €270,830 last year. The major items of expenditure were salaries /wages, heat/light, insurance and repairs.

• Capital expenditure amounted to €280,000 in the year, this expenditure related mainly to the new parish centre. This expenditure was funded from our development fund which is managed by the Dioceses on our behalf.

Parish bank balances at 31st December were €1,247,352 and this includes an outstanding loan of €750,000. This loan is part of our funding for the new development.

If you are not already a contributor to the parish fund, we would ask you to consider making a contribution to support the parish. A standing order form is attached.

Thank you again for your general support.

Mgr. Lorcan O’Brien (Administrator), David Martin (Chairman,
of the Parish Finance Committee)


The summary of the parish finances are for the year ended 31st December 2018 is available for download here. News Feed