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The present Parish Pastoral Council completes its 2nd year term at the end of September, and nominations of parishioners willing to serve on the new Council for 2008-2010 are now being sought. Below is an explanatory letter from the Chairman of the outgoing Council, Vincent Keaveny.

Nominations of parishioners willing to serve on the Parish Pastoral Council for 2010-2012 should be submitted by Sunday 10th October. Nomination Forms are available at the here for download.

Dear Parishoners,

The Pastoral Council was established in 2006 and the second Council formed in 2008 in keeping with the agreed two-year term. The time has now come to elect a new council. From time to time over the past four years we have published some of the activities of the Council in the parish newsletter and special bulletins. The main function of the Council at all times has been as a listening post in the parish with a view to reacting with all the working groups and assisting where possible. Among the issues addressed was a meeting to invite parishioners to submit suggestions to enhance the future of the parish. This well attended meeting in Avila was very successful. Written submissions were also invited from the entire parish concerning reaction to the Murphy report. More recently, opinions were sought on the Mass time changes. Other initiatives were introduced by subcommittees and where possible all working groups were contacted. Volunteers also took part in the Child Safeguarding instruction course and two representatives are at hand in the parish.

As the election of officers and some new council members is now imminent, volunteers are urgently required. At least half of the existing members will remain in the interest of continuity.It is hoped to ensure that the entire parish community is represented.. We are especially anxious to have representation from the younger age groups and from people with expertise and skills which would be extremely valuable in the council where their contribution would be most welcome. To date we have been blessed by a membership which has worked extremely well and the efficiency of the council has been on occasions greatly helped by the use of facilitators.

The next major issue confronting us is the proposed clustering of parishes as outlined in the Boundaries Commission. This will involve discussions with neighboring parishes and highlight the increased role of the laity in future years. It would also have implications in such areas as education and management of resources.

Membership is not over taxing and where possible meetings are arranged to accommodate the majority of the council members.

I sincerely hope that we will have a good response to our call as experience has shown us that Donnybrook is a caring and generous parish, not only financially, but also
in time donated to the care of others.

Vincent Keaveny, News Feed