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PASTORAL CARE OF THE SICKThis is a short introduction to the Pastoral Group that visits the elderly and the housebound in their homes, nursing homes and hospitals in the Donnybrook area and who take the Eucharist to them if they request it. The team perform this Ministry on behalf of the Parish of the Sacred Heart, Donnybrook. These visits are important to all in need; sometimes the elderly and housebound are very much alone and the presence of the team to them is a welcome break in the absence of other visitors.The coordinator of this group is Sr. Fiona Corway, a Religious Sister of Charity, whose former Ministries include nursing and chaplaincy. Her previous experience has enabled her to understand how valuable this work is to those who are lonely, ill or alone. Sister Fiona has worked in the Parish since 2010. Mgr. Lorcan O’Brien, Parish Administrator, invited her to coordinate the team involved in this Ministry. The group members treat the elderly and housebound with dignity and respect and meet with Sr. Fiona frequently. They also arrange visits by the Priests of the Parish when necessary.

This is an active group in the Parish and volunteers are always welcome. Please contact the Parish Secretary if you would like to join them.

If there is someone in your area who is sick, housebound, in hospital, elderly or alone, please contact the Parish Secretary if they would like a Pastoral visit.

Contact Details: Parish Secretary: Phone (01) 269 3926  Email News Feed