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ny 2020This day two week people gathered around the world to say farewell to 2019 and celebrate the arrival of 2020.

The new year inevitably brings New Years resolutions as people make promises to try and improve some aspect of our lives. It might be to exercise more, to eat better food, to read more or to spend more time doing the things you love. 

At this time of year we hear a lot of talk about living your best life and creating a brand new you to begin the year. If you feel inspired to use the new year to help you reset or to change some habits that is great, however if you are determined that you want to create a new you in 2020 - just remember this - the old you is not so bad. The old you has survived every terrible day, every hard thing, every awful circumstance and every single heartbreak that you’ve ever felt. The old you is a fighter, the old you got you over many obstacles and through many traumas, the old you has gotten you this far, the old you is strong and has made you who you are today and that is worth celebrating. 

So as we begin this new day today let’s do so with a reminder that while it’s good to want to try and do better and be better, don’t forget you are a child of God, you are loved beyond all measure and you are perfect just as you are. 

Today we pray for a good day, Amen. News Feed