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sdropIf we look at the news this week, these present days may seem bleak, the world holds its breath as tensions rise between Iran and the US, we despair at the fires raging in Australia, we try to come to terms with our increasingly complex homeless problems. It seems that as these dark January days progress the news seems to get more wretched and hard to hear.

But today let us remember that as January melts away, Spring will arrive, the days will get warmer and longer and brighter and with them a new hope emerges and a renewed belief takes root that life is good and can be good. 

As the sun rises on this Friday morning in this new year we take a moment to remember those who are struggling all over the world, those who are in pain and those who are in difficulty. As this new year progresses may life improve for them also.

And for ourselves, today we pray a prayer of thanks for all of the people and blessings and good things that we have in our own lives that we sometimes forget to appreciate. News Feed