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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

3O January 2020

Often in our culture, the Church's teachings on marriage and family life are presented in a negative tone. Yet the basics of family life and love are what so many in our world dream of and seek to realise.

ACCORD exists to support people, old and young, realise this dream. It does not work with a rulebook, but help people find within themselves the ability to discern, to look at their own attitudes and relationships, and to see them in a different way, in the light of the message of Jesus Christ.

  • In primary and secondary schools, ACCORD helps students acquire an understanding of human relationships and sexuality.
  • Couples preparing for marriage have the opportunity to reflect on their relationship, their future lives together.
  • ACCORD's coltnselling service is there to help couples explore, reflect upon and resolve difficulties they may be experiencing.

Over 35,000 people came to ACCORD during 2OL9;33,000 students, 1300 couples preparing for the sacrament of marriage, and 12OO couples who were experiencing some challenge in their relationships.

The story of ACCORD Dublin is a success story. Its services continue to be in demand, and feedback from people who have experienced the services indicate that it is both a worthwhile and beneficial experience.

It is for this reason that i ask you to support the work of ACCORD at this annual collection. Life is not always easy; we need to know that there is help along the way.

I pray for God's blessing on you and your families.

+ Diarmuid Martin
Archbishop of Dublin News Feed