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wfsAs community of faith, we need to take proper care of ourselves. We must take care of each other’s well being. We must take care not to spread the flu.

It is important to heed the latest advice of the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC)

A flu virus raises a number of concerns and how we react to it should not impact negatively on the celebration of the Liturgy. The following are precautionary measures that can be taken to limit the transmission of infection.

Going to Church People with flu symptoms are dispensed from their Sunday obligation to attend Mass. Those with flu symptoms should stay at home for seven days from the onset of illness. The obligation to take part in Mass does not apply to those who are sick. The sick person might join in celebrating Mass via the internet or radio and television.

Communion on the Tongue In the past, the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) has said receiving Holy Communion directly on the tongue “should be discouraged” during flu season. However, if it does occur, priests or ministers of the Eucharist should clean their hands using an alcohol based hand gel. No one is to be refused communion because they wish to receive on the tongue.

The Chalice If the Priest celebrant’s health is compromised by cold or flu then the priest’s chalice should be restricted to him only and not used to distribute the Precious Blood to other ministers or the assembly Additional chalices should be used for common distribution.

General giving of chalice Where the Precious Blood is offered to all to receive, those who suspect symptoms that may signal impending flu or cold should refrain from receiving the Precious Blood and receive only the Body of Christ in the consecrated host until they are well again.

Sign of Peace The HPSC has said that the handshake at the time of the “sign of peace” involves a low risk of spreading the virus. However, since some people are not able to shake hands due to medical conditions, they might choose among a number of other options of shaking hands to make a bow of the head to the people around you and say “Peace be with you” News Feed