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AllSoulsAll Souls' Day is marked on 2nd November (or the 3rd if the 2nd is a Sunday), directly following All Saints' Day, and is an opportunity for us to commemorate the faithful departed. We remember and pray for the souls of people who are in Purgatory - the place (or state) in which those who have died atone for their less grave sins before being granted the vision of God in Heaven (called Beatific vision).Through the power of prayer and self-denial, the faithful here on earth help these souls gain the Beatific Vision they seek, bringing the soul eternal sublime happiness.

Traditionally The Office for the Dead is recited on All Souls' Day. Donnybrook Parish will commemorate all those who have died this year on Monday, Nov. 2 (All Soul's Day) at 6:00 pm with Exposition and Benediction of the Most Holy Sacrament with Evening Prayer.

Please join together as we pray for our beloved dead and spend a holy hour with Jesus! News Feed