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Catholic Schools Week 2021Catholic Schools Week 2021 will be celebrated from Sunday 24 January to Sunday 31 January 2021 on the theme ‘Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith and Resilience’.Please see below the resources for Primary, Post-Primary and for a resource for the celebration of Catholic Schools Week.

The overarching theme for CSW 2021 will be: Catholic Schools:Communities of Faith and Resilience. / Pobail Chreidimh agus Teacht Aniar

 This particular theme will be especially relevant given the pandemic experience that is affecting the entire country. The following will be the daily themes for CSW 2021:

(1) Monday: Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith.

(2) Tuesday: Catholic Schools: Communities of Learning

(3) Wednesday: Catholic Schools: Communities of Love

(4) Thursday: Catholic Schools: Communities of Resilience

(5) Friday: Catholic Schools: Communities of Hope

CSW2021 Poster 

Please find below the CSW2021 Posters for sharing to promote Catholic Schools Week 2021:



CSW2021 Flyers 

Please find below the flyers for Primary and Post-Primary for CSW2021:




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