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Donnybrook Parish
This is an extract from Lisa Murray’s words at the Reception in the Teresian School following the Mass of Thanksgiving for 50 Years of life of the Teresian Association in Donnybrook.

“Many, many years ago in 1965, I was one of a few little girls to walk through the front door of the Teresian School the very fi rst day it opened, thus beginning a lifelong friendship with the Association. This link with the association has afforded me some life-changing experiences, the most notable being my trip to Madrid in 2003, with my daughter Rebecca (a pupil at the time) for the canonisation of St. Pedro Poveda and subsequently my journey to Peru with Hilda and twelve 5th year students, to work on the Teresian Projects in Villa el Salvador, enabling me to see fi rst hand the far-reaching impact of this singular Association – an Association that sees and values the uniqueness of each individual, that encourages us to be the best we can and challenges us all to ‘stand up and be counted’, to ‘walk that extra mile’ to make our world a better place. For me, one of St. Pedro Poveda’s most powerful quotations is ‘the men and women of God are unmistakable’ but, equally true, for me, would be the quotation ‘the men and women of the Teresian Association are unmistakable’; we are truly grateful that you accepted the Archbishop’s invitation to come to Ireland all those years ago, we have been enriched by your presence here and I would like, on behalf of all your past pupils, to congratulate you on this great occasion and to wish you joy, love, fortitude and continued success here in Ireland in the future.”

Lisa Godfrey Murray  President of TPPA at the Reception after the Thanksgiving Mass to celebrate 50 years of the Teresian Association in Ireland

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