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Day of Prayer for Survivors and Victims of Sexual Abuse
In response to a request by Pope Francis to Bishop’s Conferences around the world, the Day of Prayer for survivors and victims of sexual abuse is scheduled to take place this Friday 3rd March 2017.

The following intercessions can be used on the day – details of support services are also outlined below:


In faith we confidently present our prayers of healing to God, our Creator:

‘If you want to you can heal me’ (Mark 1:40) – We pray for all those who have been abused physically, mentally, emotionally or sexually: That God will heal and comfort them.

Lord, hear our prayer.

‘If you want to you can heal me’ – We pray for all in the healing professions who minister to those who suffer as a result of violence or abuse: That God will give them an abundance of love, compassion and wisdom.

Lord, hear our prayer.

‘If you want to you can heal me’ – We pray for the Spirit of wisdom: That it will enlighten the minds of all people leading to a growth in awareness and a determination to put an end to all acts of violence and abuse.

Lord, hear our prayer.

‘If you want to you can heal me’ – We pray for those for whom the burden of violence and abuse has proved too much to bear: That the God of love and mercy grant them everlasting peace and happiness.

Lord, hear our prayer.

Gentle and ever-loving God, hear the prayers of your people, Amen.

The Dublin Diocesan Child Safeguarding and Protection Service promotes the safe care of children involved in Church activities throughout the Archdiocese. It does this by providing training for priests and parish workers in safeguarding and child protection, dealing with complaints and concerns about child protection matters, reporting to the civil authorities and advising the Archbishop on any protective measures necessary to protect children from abuse. The service monitors the activities of priests known to have abused children in the past in order to minimise the chance of them doing so again. The service provides pastoral outreach and support for those who have experienced abuse by priests or parish workers.

Full details on the work of the service and how to get in touch are available here
Date: Friday 03 March 2017
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