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The Forum at Avila
The Forum at Avila is a Year of Faith project of a group of regular Avila Sunday Mass-goers who meet to talk about how they might nurture their faith together. They wish to encourage each other in responding to the gospel message, and to deepen a sense of community among those who share the Eucharist at Avila. They share something of their individual faith journeys and explore how they can support each other as they travel onwards.
Each meeting begins with a five minute input by a group member and then the conversation is open to everyone. At the end of the meeting a topic for the next meeting is chosen.

Some of the proposed topics are:

Our Church: Gifts we bring and gifts we would like to bring.
Ambling or processing towards the light.
What does worship of God mean to me?
What is happening at the edges and what is the message of to the Church?
Second Sunday of every month: 10.00 am – 11.15 am

The Forum at Avila is an experiment. Whether and how it develops will depend on those who take part. All are welcome. Do come!

More Details:
Location: Avila Carmelite Centre (Discalced Carmelites), Bloomfield Avenue, Morehampton Road, Dublin 4, Ireland
Date: Sunday 08 January 2017
Time: 10:00am News Feed