child protection

Safeguarding Children

The Archdiocese of Dublin and the Parish of the The Sacred Heart, Donnybrook, value and encourage the participation of children and young people in parish liturgies and in Diocesan activities in order to enhance their spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual and social development. We recognise the dignity and rights of all children and are committed to their protection from all forms of abuse. This is a commitment binding on all priests and on those who work in our Diocesan offices and agencies, and in our parishes. It extends to all the many and varied ways that children share in the life of the Church in our Diocese. ...
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Garda Vettings

Parish Garda Vetting Policy, Procedure & Forms

All parish clergy , staff and volunteers who carry out their work/ministry in public must be Garda vetted. This is defined as any person who carries out their work/ministry in the church , church buildings i.e. Pastoral centres , Parish halls etc. Vetting also applies to those who work/minister in the community i.e. those who visit homes, hospitals, nursing homes etc. ...
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