Synodal Pathway

Synodal Pathway

As part of the continued engagement in the parishes, dioceses, movements and associations, the Synodal Pathway of the Catholic Church in Ireland has launched a pilot programme in facilitative leadership training. The General Secretary of the Irish Synodal Pathway, Ms Julieann Moran, said, ” i am looking forward to the first series of pilot training programmes which takes place this Friday and Saturday in Mallow, Co Cork.  The programme focuses on empowering local leaders – clergy, religious and lay faithful – with the necessary skills and knowledge to foster synodality within their communities.”

Ms Moran continued, “through tailored workshops and interactive sessions, participants will develop an understanding of the theology and spirituality of synodality, collaborative decision-making processes, and consensus-building techniques.  Other facilitation skills will also be practised with the aim of increasing engagement in the synodal process, and ultimately strengthening the sustainability of the Irish Synodal Pathway.”

The training, which takes place in six different locations around the country, consists of both online and in-person modules along with follow-up reflective sessions to support participants.  This training is aimed at:

  • active members of a Parish Pastoral Council, Diocesan Pastoral Council or Diocesan Synodal Team;
  • active members of a Religious Congregation, Ecclesial Movement or Association of Lay Faithful;
  • priests, lay pastoral workers, deacons, or religious brothers or sisters in parish ministry;
  • people actively engaged in other diocesan programmes

For further information about the programme or to register an interest in participating, please email