World Mental Health Day 2022

World Mental Health Day 2022

A day when we recognise the importance of looking after our mental health and try and combat the stigma that frustratingly still exists in society. We live in a world where if you break your arm everyone runs to sign your cast but if you say you are suffering with poor mental health some people look the other way. This attitude of ignorance needs to change and world mental health day goes some way towards helping that. 

We all know about that cute little bear Winnie the Pooh and his merry band of friends in the 100-acre wood, There is Tigger and Piglet and Kanga and Owl and they seem to have a great old time frolicking about. And then there is their friend Eyore, you know the one, the donkey who is always just a little bit sad? I think if Winnie the Pooh was created today, people might say that Eyore is depressed but the wonderful thing about those stories is that he 100% accepted for who he is. He still gets invited to be involved in all of adventures and shenanigans, the others never expect him to feel happy or put pressure on him to just cheer up, they never leave him out or give up on him, they never leave him behind or ask him to change. They help him when they can and they love him for who he is. We can learn a lot from those stories – there is a message in them about accepting everyone and loving them for who they are and not who you might want them to be. 

In life there will be days when we all feel a little like Eeyore, where things are just that bit more difficult and there will be days when we will need to be like those other characters where we have to watch out for those who might be struggling. In one of the stories, Christopher Robin says to Winnie the Pooh  You are Braver than you believe, Stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

And that goes for all of us and as we mark Mental Health day.

Today, as always we pray for a good, safe and healthy day. Amen.